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We all make New Year’s resolutions. Exercise, weight loss, screen time, nutrition, and finances are just a few areas people resolve to improve every January. But we know where resolutions usually lead. Studies show that by February, most people have abandoned their good intentions.

Why resolutions fail is a wide-ranging issue. However, most of the time, resolutions aren’t specific enough or are framed negatively. And failure to keep those resolutions can have an adverse impact on work performance. Research shows that when people disappoint themselves, it can damage their confidence, productivity, and even their health.

Small businesses can’t afford that, especially now.

Fortunately, your healthcare benefits provider might be able to provide your team with the support they need.


There’s a good chance your healthcare company offers programs, rewards, and incentives to members that overlap with common New Year’s resolutions. These sometimes include cash rewards and special discounts, and that might be just what you and your employees need to inspire commitment and confidence all year long.

But how do you connect your staff to their benefits? As a business owner, it’s important to familiarize yourself with your healthcare plan and communicate its wellness options to your employees. Sending reminders about benefits via newsletters or staff meetings throughout the year can also drive your team to use them more regularly.

Beyond sharing what’s available, get creative about building enthusiasm. Most perks, rewards, and programs focus on the individual, but some are geared toward workplaces as a whole. A company-wide initiative that creates interaction and accountability could be motivating – especially now, when your team might be working remotely.

Here are just a few examples of some of the most valuable benefits offered by our affiliates that can help your staff in the New Year:

  • Independence Blue Cross offers various personal wellness incentives and perks for members, including nutrition counseling and health coaches. With their nutrition program, you can access six free sessions a year! They even have an app, IBX Good Living, offering coupons and access to recipes and health-related content. If your employees’ resolutions involve fitness goals, as many do, IBX offers discounts and reimbursements for gym memberships and equipment through GlobalFit and Blue365.
  • Get your greatest asset – your people – equipped and motivated to tackle different goals with help from MetLife. MetLife offers complete toolkits to get wellness campaigns started in your workplace, providing everything from signage and handouts to email series and prize strategies. Topics covered include smoking cessation, heart health, and general wellbeing. Wellness campaign toolkits are even offered for a range of mental health needs. Encourage some healthy competition around resolutions and foster relationships in this challenging time by implementing one or more of these programs under your business’s roof.

Resolutions can be tough to keep in a typical year, let alone in a year of lingering uncertainty like 2021. Be sure to find out how your healthcare company can support its members, then get that information in front of your employees ASAP.

Need help navigating the complicated world of health insurance and sharing that information with your team? Call Health & Benefits Partners today. With our industry knowledge and all-inclusive website, we can offer you the most competitive quotes on small business health insurance from reputable carriers.

Your dedicated associate can also help you understand the solutions that best fit your unique conditions and help you communicate them to your staff, so everyone is ready to meet the New Year healthier and happier.