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The end of 2020 is in sight, but the end of the global pandemic isn’t. If you or your employees are having a hard time with current circumstances, you’re not alone. Mental health struggles rose sharply this past year, pointing to the seismic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on bodies and minds – not to mention entire workplaces.

With the new year and talk of resolutions quickly approaching, there’s no better time to explore ways to combat this statistic for yourself and your team. Keep reading to learn more.


Before thinking about your people, it’s important to evaluate your own well-being. Could you use a break? Are you maximizing resources available through your health care provider? Help alleviate the stigma around mental health by first making mental and emotional health a priority in your own life and home. Seeking professional help and practicing some simple self-care will benefit every aspect of your business – you, your employees, and your customers. Limit your screen time, savor that morning or afternoon cup of coffee, practice deep breathing, make a habit of taking a daily walk. After all, research increasingly shows that chronic stress can make you sick – a risk few business owners can afford.


Being a responsible, compassionate business owner includes getting mental health resources into the hands of your employees. As the heart and soul of your company, they need to be supported now more than ever. Good news: Health benefits companies know this and have created or expanded their offerings accordingly.

Familiarize yourself with what’s available through your health care partner, then make sure your employees are aware, too. Communicate information via emails, benefits meetings, or in-office signage. Here are just some of the resources offered by a few of our strategic affiliates:

  • Independence Blue Cross has most recently pushed their telemedicine benefit by partnering with, urging people within the greater Philadelphia area to take their mental health seriously. With counseling available over the phone or by other virtual means, seeking help has never been easier. The cost is the same as an in-office visit to a specialist.
  • Many healthcare providers have EAPs (employee assistance programs). Still, Cigna stands out, offering a consultant who is available to specifically help your employees navigate and utilize their benefits to the fullest. A health crisis can be hard and confusing to manage alone. Should the need arise, encourage employees on a Cigna plan to utilize this invaluable resource.
  • Amerihealth, like many other healthcare companies, has a dedicated page on its website for mental health resources specifically related to the COVID-19 crisis, giving your employees a resource to quickly access the information they need at this critical time.

This year’s challenges provide many reasons as to why you should take time out to evaluate your mental health needs. Start 2021 in a good place by utilizing the resources that are available to you through your healthcare benefits and help your team do the same. You will be so glad you did.