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Online Enrollment Made Easy – With Ease

By October 1, 2020August 24th, 2023No Comments

Health & Benefits Partners is excited about our new partnership with Ease! Ease is a web-based technology solution that moves benefits administration (including benefits enrollment) online, onto one user-friendly platform, and into the hands of employees. Once logged into Ease, employees can enroll in or make authorized changes to benefits without HR or company leadership’s involvement with just a few clicks.

The decision to partner with Ease – or any third-party vendor, isn’t one we take lightly. Our focus on helping small businesses and their teams manage their health insurance benefits is always our top priority, and Ease fits perfectly with that objective.

With this platform, participating small business owners and HR administrators spend less time collecting employee information, determining eligibility, printing paperwork, and playing middleman between staff and their benefits. It’s a welcome change that comes just in time for open enrollment when small business HR workloads are historically unbearable. At the same time, employees take ownership of their benefits administration, logging into Ease to compare options and make authorized choices on one easy-to-navigate platform.

And perhaps best of all: Ease is available at no charge to Health & Benefits Partners clients.


We get this question a lot, for good reason.

For small businesses, particularly, the effort involved in shifting to an online platform can feel like it outweighs the benefits. That’s why Health & Benefits Partners never offered administration tools to clients before now. The options we reviewed required more work than they were worth, especially for smaller clients with only a handful of employees.

Unsure about the online detail? Consider this.

But the moment we tried Ease, we knew it was different. Superior. Well worth the relatively minimal onboarding effort. You don’t need an IT or HR degree to use Ease. For both leaders and employees, navigating the platform, getting documents online, and making changes to plans is astoundingly easy (and if you do have questions, we’re here to help). We promise you: Give Ease a chance, and you’ll only wish you’d adopted it sooner.


Beyond the more apparent Ease benefits – namely, time and cost savings – there’s another upside: employee engagement. Research consistently points to the merits of handing employees the reins, and benefits administration is no exception. When employees can check on and change the details of their benefits without going through a supervisor or HR, they’re more likely to understand and utilize those benefits, leading to better long-term health.


For all of Ease’s advantages, our decision to offer it to clients complimentary comes down to its ease of use and glowing reputation. There’s no good reason not to shift benefits online when such a turnkey, secure platform exists – yes, even for micro-businesses with only a handful of employees. Once an employee has a digital file, they can access Ease from anywhere, anytime, to see benefits options, plan details, costs (including deductibles and co-pays), and eligibility. The election submission process continues online, with company leadership notified of choices via email every step of the way. E-signatures and other digital recognition tools are the icing on the cake, and once they’re registered, employees can access benefits throughout the year.

Benefits administration is moving online across the board, but that’s not why we offer Ease. We do it because it’s the right tool for small businesses. Interested in complimentary access to Ease as a Health & Benefits Partners client? Let’s talk. Reach out to us at (215) 240-1263.