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Are you managing the staffing needs of a small to mid-sized business? Navigating HR challenges—remote work, diversity and inclusion, and tight-lipped budgets—is a balancing act. Not to mention, changing laws and regulations, as well as employee engagement and safety, incite potential headaches (figuratively and literally).

The point being…

The decimal point has moved.

Cultural norms have shifted.

And technology is right there—in the trenches.

So, is your HR software fulfilling its job? Performance reviews and upward advancement extends beyond the traditional employee. Luckily, SaaS (Software as a Service) options were made with you in mind.


Fortunately, there’s help in the form of Mineral — one of the industry’s top-rated HR and compliance platforms. We love it because Mineral offers tools and resources to tackle HR challenges head-on, alleviating mindless minutia and guesswork.

Here are five common HR conundrums and how tools, like Mineral, can help you easily overcome them.

Challenge #1: Staying on Top of Changing Laws and Regulations

Business owners are expected to keep up with federal and state employment statutes—especially if employees work remotely and traverse time zones. Failure to comply with these laws can result in costly penalties and legal issues.

Mineral’s Compliance Tracker, for instance, provides regular updates on employment mandates and stipulations—a process that saves you time, money, and aggravation. Mineral also streamlines proper procedures for hiring and onboarding employees living in different states. They even help demonstrate how compliance changes may affect the health of your business.

Challenge #2: Updating Handbooks and Policy Management

Maintaining handbooks and policies can be time-consuming and burdensome. Outdated policies, however, result in confusion and complacency among employees. It’s true—passivity and profits don’t play well together.

Curious about what does? Most call it a database, but we consider it a North Star. Our pal, Mineral, houses a centralized repository for creating, updating, and storing internal policies and guidelines. All are shareable, all in one place, for employees to access. You can also track when policies are updated and who has read them.

Talk about being on the same page! For software to do your bidding, be sure to look for these finite details.

Challenge #3: Keeping Employees Engaged

Perhaps the most significant and costliest HR challenges stem from employee engagement. Or, more specifically, the lack thereof. Disengaged employees cripple productivity, turnover rates, and morale. You need insurance… the “assurance” kind. This means having incentives to ensure a cohesive and motivated workforce from the top down.

Mineral offers training and development resources to help employees and leadership upskill and reskill, set clear goals, and acquire valuable feedback. Lean on a relationship and performance management hybrid—an application that deploys both technical and soft skills development. That’s the bedrock of a healthy environment and a thriving business.

Fun fact: Mineral, in particular, has partnered with one million companies and counting — a testament to its smart, swift, and user-friendly interface.

Challenge #4: Having a Trusted Resource for HR and Compliance Questions

Ever wish you had a virtual sidekick? Answers at your fingertips? Sure, there’s Alexa or Google, aggregated command centers with lengthy search results. But, you don’t have hours to navigate the “big stuff”—complexities associated with terminations, harassment, or transgressions. Nor should you be all-knowing.

Mineral’s HR experts are available to provide custom responses to urgent needs. So whether you have a question about employee benefits or other HR-related issues, you can remain above board in a rapidly accelerated industry.

Challenge #5: Securing Safety Management and Internal Checkpoints

Ensuring workplace safety is critical for protecting employees and avoiding costly OSHA violations. Yet federal and state rules are complex and can be challenging to maneuver—mineral spearheads guidance around injury and illness prevention, reporting requirements, and more. In fact, up to 69 percent of their clients say they’ve benefitted from the platform’s rapid response times.

You can access various resources, including safety checklists, incident reporting forms, and OSHA compliance guidelines. Mineral’s safety experts have thought of everything… leaving no stone unturned.


Navigating HR can be daunting. But emerging HR software provides the tools and resources to tackle any issue. Doing so can eliminate headaches and free up time to focus on growing your business.

Our mission at Health & Benefits Partners is to uncomplicate the worlds of health insurance, HR, and more. That’s why we’re proud to partner with Mineral to help you fine-tune the most pressing challenges.

Learn more and expedite your HR concerns by reaching out.