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As many small business owners know, the people part of managing an organization is the most time-consuming and the most important. From compliance to employee support to workplace training and education, numerous responsibilities enter the equation the moment you put people on your payroll. And unlike other aspects of business, these aren’t areas you can automate or easily control. Personnel needs are unpredictable and ever-changing.

The same is true for the laws and regulations surrounding them. Whether you have one or 100 employees, you need to follow all local, state, and federal policies and laws governing hiring, pay, and benefits. And, it’s becoming even more complicated as employers hire remotely.

Human resources and related compliance are a lot for small business leaders to manage. And even if you’re up for the challenge, HR management is constant and highly nuanced, with a steep learning curve. It can lead to widespread misconceptions about HR’s role and costly turnover in the wrong hands. Even more, your small business leadership time is often better spent elsewhere.


Our decision to offer ThinkHR’s resources and expertise to our clients boils down to these goals:

  1. We understand that small business owners realize their employees are their greatest asset – and we want to help you leverage your team with less internal demands and stress.
  2. We want to free you from fears about compliance (and related fallout), so you can focus on growing your business.
  3. We want you to grow your people – not merely manage them.

ThinkHR’s solutions focus on HR compliance and risk management with valuable tools and resources.


  • Living Handbook – A customized manual that evolves as you and your regulations do. Your company’s living handbook lays out policies, procedures, expectations, values, and culture – and is key to protecting you against employee claims.
  • Compliance – From an audit checklist to hiring and termination guidelines, your business benefits from a deep well of expert resources that align you with the law.
  • Live advisors – Certified HR professionals with an average of 18 years’ experience, are on the other end of the line Monday through Friday from 6am to 5pm PST. When subject matter exceeds internal knowledge, or ThinkHR’s technological tools aren’t enough, live advisors are there.
  • Education – ThinkHR’s training content includes an extensive course library covering everything from customer service to employee onboarding to cybersecurity.
  • Workplace harassment prevention – Harassment prevention training is mandated in a growing number of states and industries. ThinkHR ensures that you’re compliant and that your team is well-versed in harassment and discrimination expectations.
  • Workplace safety – From OSHA penalties to COVID protocols the topic of safety is a timely one. ThinkHR’s safety-focused courses cover personal safety, hazardous waste, and other related risks – and best practices for mitigating them.
  • Benefits document creator – The Department of Labor has strict requirements for benefits documentation. Satisfy all of them (and make your materials look professional) with ThinkHR’s user-friendly benefits document creator.
  • Insight – ThinkHR law alerts, webinars, newsletters, and blogs ensure all of your HR-related bases are covered today and beyond.

Keep your people, keep them satisfied, and keep your business compliant – all while taking significant stress and cost risk off of your plate.

Want to tap into ThinkHR’s game-changing tools? Reach out to us at (215) 240-1263.