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If you’ve trusted us to find the best health insurance for you or your small business, then you’ll be happy to know that we can now help you with even more lines of insurance coverage. We’re pleased to announce that we can offer auto, renters, flood, and umbrella policies through Goosehead Insurance. And all with the same level of customer service and guidance you’re familiar with and come to rely on with us.

Plus, just like our health insurance plans, we’ll help save you both time and money by getting you the best coverage at the best price. Then, we’ll help you manage your plan and provide support if you ever need to make a claim.

Goosehead is reinventing the traditional approach to delivering personal insurance products and services. They believe in providing extraordinary value by offering broad product choices and a world-class service experience, supported by the business’s most talented and client-focused teams. Through Goosehead, we can offer over 140 insurance companies that underwrite personal lines for:


With plenty of options for you — from collision and comprehensive to rental and rideshare, we provide car insurance coverage for new drivers, business travelers, collectors, and more.


We can protect one of your most prized possessions. Homeowners insurance can repair or replace your home, along with all your personal belongings.


We can ensure your personal property is protected, including TVs, electronics, furniture, clothing, and more, both inside and away from your rented apartment or home. Renters insurance also extends to any personal belongings you may have in your car. It typically covers losses to personal property caused by fire, smoke damage, sudden and accidental covered water damage, thefts, burglaries, vandalism, or vehicle damage.


Umbrella insurance covers you if you ever lose a lawsuit for a sum greater than what your existing insurance will pay. Thus, it is liability protection beyond losses that are not covered by any of your existing policies.


Most homeowners’ policies do not cover flood damage. However, our flood insurance can protect you from losses caused by floods, mudslides, and flood-related erosion.

So, if you’re interested in comparing new insurance plans or finding the best rates, we can help. Get a free insurance quote or reach out to Gerry Cleary, Jr. at (484) 750-2577, our Principal Agent of Goosehead Insurance, for more information today.